I was recommended to see Stephen by my husband as I was struggling with my back and hip when I was playing golf. I undertook an 8 week physio led gym program devised specifically for me by Stephen. It was absolutely fab! Would really recommend it to anyone wanting to undertake a structured program with expert guidance. I am now swinging a lot more freely and my handicap is coming down. Thanks a lot!

Joy Craven, 58, Knaresborough- Physio Fit Patient & Keen Golfer

Thank you so much for your expert help and support. OneWellness is a top class facility and all the staff are friendly and supportive. I had physiotherapy with Stephen and then attended a series of Pilates classes to help me with a longstanding issue with my back. Its now a lot better and I am back gardening and riding my bike regularly.

Simon Flowers, 42, Spofforth

I was referred to Stephen by Mr Jon Conroy following me having a hip arthroscopy. He has really got me going and helped enormously with my recovery. He really knows his stuff and is great at explaining things so that I can understand. I was given exercises to do at home and taught how to use my crutches. As I progressed I have been using the gym equipment at Onewellness and this has really helped. Stephen did the exercises with me and guided me through a set program of exercises that gradually got harder and harder. Now I am back at work, working out regularly in the gym and my hip doesn’t hurt at all. Thanks a lot Stephen – hopefully I will never need to see you again!!!

Simon Douglas, 46, Harrogate – Post Hip Arthroscopy Patient